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Why would you do that?

Carphax Files @ Convergence16

Good afternoon Bits and Bots c here with a bit more information about our performance at Convergence.

We will be Playing Sunday night and sharing the evening with some awesome DJ's the line up is as such 
8-8:45 - David Industrial
8:45 - 9:30 - Rev23 
9:30 - 11 - DJ Fluffs McKenzie 
11-12 - Carphax Files 
12-1 - David Industrial 
1-2 Rev23

We also have a limited number of our Cd's both Vengeance and Dirt on hand for purchase.(IIRC 10 each) and as a special treat we will also be showcasing a number of our lablemates (COP) offerings at our merch table.

Look for Cd's from 
Hocico - memoria
s atras
Reaper - Hell Starts with an H
Soman -re:up, Mask 
C-lekktor - The Silence Procession
FGFC820 - Urban Audio Warfare, Law and Ordnance
DYM - The Invilid
Soil and Eclipse - The Mirror
Life Cried - Banished Psalms
and the When Angels Die Compilation which proceeds go towards fighting breast cancer.

As we only have a limited supply these will probably go pretty quickly.

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