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CF Compound

Seriously, Where's the keyboard stand?

Carphax Files' Forum
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Carphax Files was conceived and born of the fevered imagination of Jsin Monday during a hedonistic road trip in 1999. The project was created of indignation and of hope for something more; as much a shouting ground as a church, a cyclone in a crystal vase. It is a deeply textured, expansive sound that strives to bridge the gap between aggression and melody.

We believe in revolution. We strive to understand what we cannot touch.
We hope for things unseen.
We hold that experience is essential for progression.
We trust that we, as a populace, were made for greater things.
Welcome to the solitary voice of reason.

bio conceived by J. Land

Feel free to leave comments and posts about CF shows, or CF tracks. Leave messages and posts about things going on in your area. This is a place for information. This is place to express your thoughts and opinions.